Suzanne Le Quesne – Dip ION, PGCE, C&G, ITEC, VTCT, CARE SCII, – Author, Trainer, Therapist , Young Living Silver Distributor, Fellow of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition  

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  1. Hello Suzanne, we met at the Supervisor’s class for CARE in January this year. I met a lady in YL farm in Split Croatia in May who says she attended your aromatherapy class and learnt about molecular distillation. She was really excited. I would really like to attend your class too and wonder how I can go about this. Will love to hear your thoughts.

    • Hello! how lovely to hear from you. I facilitate Aromatherapy courses accredited by the IFA – The International Federation of Aromatherapists. My next course is in London from 6th to the 10th November. Please email me on and I will send you some links. If you can’t make London, I will have to come to you!! 🙂

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