Suzanne Le Quesne – Dip ION, PGCE, C&G, ITEC, VTCT, CARE SCII, – Author, Trainer, Therapist , Young Living Silver Distributor, Fellow of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition  

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My career in writing started in 2000 when I was teaching holistic therapies.  My first book was self-published, and on the success of that book Nutrition, A Practical Approach for Holistic Therapists,  Thomson Learning contracted me to re-write it but for students of beauty and complementary therapies as well as for existing therapists.

Nutrition A Practical Approach originalMy first book – self published book – what fun!!  I will always remember the day that 2,000 copies arrived outside my home!!

Nutrition, A Practical Approach for Holistic Therapists.  



Nutrition A Practical Approach


My first published book was launched in February 2003 entitled Nutrition A Practical Approach – 12 years ago!!!   This book is still available, and still sells well, but is in need of an update!

This is also the course text book of my fully accredited nutrition course – Nutrition for Life.  This course is presently being updated and uploaded as an on-line + face to face course.


original pH Balance Diet

The pH Diet – was published in October, 2004.

I soon found out that writing text books for students was one thing, but writing a book for the public was quite another.  When I wrote this book the main emphasis was on testing the levels of your pH, both saliva and urine.  Therefore, in my opinion, the most important chapter was the reasons why we test our pH levels, and how we test them – which is why it was Chapter 1.  However, the publishers deemed this a boring chapter and put it at Chapter 4!   I soon learned that the publishers only want to sell books, aren’t really interested about the logical order of chapters!  or the author’s wishes!!

Writing this book was quite a learning experience for me!  This, English version was reprinted in June, 2012.


The pH Balance Diet Book cover

The success of The pH Diet brought forth an American version entitled The pH Balance Diet – which was launched in July, 2007, and is still in print today – still with how to test your pH levels at Chapter 4!!




complementary bookBack to the educational text books for students!!    The Essential Guide to Holistic & Complementary Therapy was published in September, 2005, and is still one of the most comprehensive text currently available, designed to meet the demands of teachers and the wider industry for a book that addresses both the core subjects of holistic and complementary therapy and individual topics such as reiki and colour therapy. This book provides the ideal introduction for anyone studying one or more therapies. This inspirational text covers aromatherapy, Indian head massage, reflexology and body massage in accordance with the VTCT Holistic and Complementary Diplomas and the City & Guilds Progression Awards courses. It also covers thermal auricular therapy, stress management, holistic facial and hot stone therapy. Also included is anatomy and physiology, chemistry, health and safety and client consultation chapters.  A truly comprehensive book.  Helen Beckman and I wrote this book between us – it would have been a mammoth task for just one author!


make up book

The Complete Guide to Make Up was published in February, 2005.  As I was teaching beauty therapy at the time, and as the publishers were happy with my previous work, I was contracted to write a book on Make Up!   I had so much fun writing this book! I met some wonderful people in the process.   There is very little money involved with educational books, so I was given a digital camera and got on with it.  I called in some favours with this book, I can tell you!!


spit and pee mediumMy first eBook was The Spit and Pee Analysis Guide – which is a book describing how you test your urine and saliva pH. As this is an eBook, it is self published.

People following an alkaline forming diet usually like to measure the pH level of their saliva and/or urine, and although testing these pH levels is not essential, when following diets such as these, they can be very useful.


How to detox your liver largeHow to Detox Your Liver – I enjoyed writing the eBook so much, that I did another one.  

So much quicker than the traditional book method, where it could take 12 to 18 months from start to finish – an eBook you can write in a weekend if the mood takes you!!


Watch this space –  my next eBook will help a lot of people

How to Improve Your Hearing Naturally!!


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