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Raindrop & Vitaflex

Raindrop techniqueThe Vitaflex workshops is a one-day workshop.

Vitaflex is a pre-requisite of Raindrop.

Vitaflex and classical Raindrop are pre-requisites of Emotional Raindrop.

For more detailed information on Vitaflex and Raindrop please click on the Raindrop Box to the left to be taken to an article.

After the 2 day workshops you will be able to perform Raindrop and Vitaflex on family and friends.

If you want to be able to do Raindrop and Vitaflex on clients – then it is necessary for you to study for the Raindrop Practitioner Certificate in Raindrop & Vitaflex.  This means that after the two day workshop – you will have to complete case during the following 4-6 weeks before returning for further training, practical assessments and a written paper.

Upon completion of the final assessments, you will receive the Raindrop Practitioner Certificate – which is insurable through Balens, ABT (Association of Beauty Therapists) or  Townsgate Insurance companies. These workshops/qualifications can also be used as CPD


Day 1 – Vitaflex

  • Definition
  • How it works
  • Books and References
  • Essential Oils
  • Anatomy
  • 14 Vitaflex techniques – including Vitaflex for the heart, lungs, colon, ears, head, lymphatic system

Day 2 – Raindrop

  • Definition
  • How it works
  • Books and References
  • Essential oils used in Classical Raindrop
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Practical Raindrop technique – including Vitaflex to the spinal reflexes of the feet, and Raindrop to the back
  • Health & Safety
  • Client consultation



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